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Our Services

Internet Bandwidth Solution
If your business shows high online sale and has Internet applications that use a lot of bandwidth then Dedicated Internet Access is an ideal solution. With a range of speeds, 1Mbps up to multiple Megs, the service provides faster, more reliable secure Internet access than any other broadband service. It is an un-contended service which lets you receive all the bandwidth you are paying for. In addition, it is easier to alter the bandwidth requirement depending upon the need of the customers.

Data Connectivity
Information being the backbone of an organization, we offer a variety of simple, cost-effective connectivity services with one aim in mind: to make sure your data communications can keep up with the pace of your business, today and tomorrow. Whether you need an Ethernet connection to make a fast, inexpensive network, a National Private Line for business-critical communications or an MPLS link for high performance, all our services can be flexibly configured to your own unique requirements – so you only pay for what you need.

Network designing for Inter-Branch Connectivity
If your business spreads across several locations, has important applications hosted in different places, or has more than one main site or head office, our Ethernet Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution is most suitable for your needs. It offers Wide Area Networking (WAN) that is a cost-effective and can flexibly accommodate changes to your business, such as location moves, new sites and applications, or new people. Unlike legacy systems including leased lines or other point-to-point Ethernet services, it enables a user or device at any site to directly access a device on another site without having to pass through a central point.

Data Center Facility (Co-location)
For a company to benefit from a co-location facility's resources, it must deliver its server(s) to a co-location facility to host their websites and Internet services, such as web hosting, VOIP, streaming, Internet radio, IPTV, etc. These computers along with network equipment are linked with the co-location facility's large Internet connections .To ensure technical reliability for your Internet business, we offer redundant UPS and prime source type of generator backed electrical power, redundant A/C systems, 24/7 onsite technical support, and 24/7 physical security. All of these services are included in a state-of-the-art data center.

Web Hosting
To meet the needs of different types of websites, we offer a wide range of web hosting services. Our shared hosting includes everything required by an average person to a business website. We have specific packages created for blogs, ecommerce websites, popular CMS and other applications. We have also put forward high-end solutions like semi-dedicated hosting and dedicated servers.

Web Development
Web has revolutionized the way we do business today. Web sites have become a major marketing & selling tool that helps increase in brand recognition and expand client base enormously. Our team works in collaboration with our clients throughout the design & development process to ensure that the website matches their specific needs and expectations.